Ed Sheeran LIVE Mumbai: He came, he sang, he won hearts...

The talented British artist performed at JioGarden, BKC on Sunday night and he DID NOT lip sync even for a second! (Take that, Beiber!)


After a long wait for the British sensation, the pure sound of mesmerising music hit the ears with ‘Castle on the hill’ on November 19, 2017, at JioGarden, BKC.

Ed Sheeran was LIVE in Mumbai and he didn’t disappoint Mumbaikars one bit. This gig was nothing less than sensational and I can personally vouch for it. Apart from being a brilliantly talented singer, Ed is super punctual. He was supposed to start his set at 8:00 pm and he was on stage at 7:59 pm in a blue kurta! Yes, Ed went all desi and donned a kurta which was well received by all the ladies in the crowd.

Ari Staprans Leff, popularly known as 'Lauv' preceded the main set and not for a second drifted with fan engagement during his set. His famous song 'Easy Love' was the one he ended his gig with before 10,000+ people in unison screamed ED SHEERAN!

From Castle on the Hill to Thinking Out Loud, Ed was juggling with a fast tempo and soothing, mellow tracks which made the crowd groove every single second. The A-Team, Happier, Photograph, Bloodstream, Thinking out loud, Sing were the other popular hits the crowd went ga-ga over before he disappeared saying it was his last song and came back for the encore: Shape Of You!

Ed landed in Mumbai on Friday night and was hosted by Bollywood director/choreographer Farah Khan for a little Saturday night party at her residence with other B-Town celebs. The after-party is expected to be at Mukesh Ambani's residence on Peddar Road and I'm sure Ed is going to be warmly received by the billionaire.

The concert overall can be labelled as a hit as a direct comparison to Beiber's recent gig is embarrassing. Eddy-Teddy (as he's famously known) sang throughout his set and there was no funny business on unlike Justin Beiber's summer gig. 

My personal favourite from the Divide Tour Mumbai gig was Bloodstream and Photograph but honestly, each song had some pixie dust in it for the thousands of fans screaming their hearts out for the singer.

One negative point about the whole gig was that the organisers didn't set up screens on either side of the stage. The only screen was set up behind the stage and that was slightly unfair to the people who were at a distance. 

Ed Sheeran for the second time in Mumbai just makes his connection with the city that never sleeps ever stronger and we hope he comes back with music which will leave our state of mind to be 'Perfect'. 

Thank you, Ed Sheeran. Mumbai loves you!

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