'Sez On The Beat' shares the journey of his most ambitious project 'Kahaani 2020'

'Kahaani 2020' brings pop and hip-hop forces together to create a fresh new R&B sound. Besides Sez, the single features Zaeden, Enkore, Lit Happu, Shayan, and Yungsta

'Sez On The Beat' shares the journey of his most ambitious project 'Kahaani 2020'

India’s hip-hop artist Sez On The Beat recently released this latest single in collaboration with several renowned musicians from India. Touted as Sez's most ambitious project yet, the song  'Kaahani 2020' brings pop and hip-hop forces together to create a fresh new R&B sound.

Indian pop star Zaeden is featured on the hook, with Enkore, Lit Happu, Shayan, & Yungsta contributing a verse each in their signature styles. Kahaani 2020 has all the elements of a summer anthem, with a fresh sound and a feel-good vibe that makes you want to reach over and grab an iced cocktail to counter the summer heat. Unlike the grittier sound that hip-hop is normally known for, Kahaani 2020 has a vibey groove with a bouncy-trap beat and prominent Indian elements.

In a conversation with Mumbai Live, he shared more information about the song, journey, collaboration and a lot more. Here are the excerpts:

Thoughts behind this composition - idea, concept and collaboration

Kahaani 2020 started as a different project initially, which we were supposed to do for another entity. Enkore was in Delhi and he’d come over to chill and game. He was on the project already, the first artist to be on it, and we were just bouncing ideas off of each other and called it a night.

I wasn’t satisfied with what I did and overnight so changed it completely and it was just experimenting with stuff that I knew would work together but it was still a puzzle to connect all the different elements since you have to make sure that they function together. The idea came to life, we got Yungsta and Shayan on board. The other project didn’t go through in the end, so Faizan & I took a call to look at this as a release that we would put out on our own as a summer banger from The MVMNT. That’s when we got Zaeden and Lit Happu on the song to complete the whole project, and we got Kahaani 2020.

Enkore, Yungsta and Shayan were already decided for the project. Zaeden and Lit Happu joined us later. Once we explained to them the vision for the song and the fresh R&B / Hip-Hop space it would develop into, they loved the idea and came on board and did the magic.

Was it intended for a release during the lockdown?

We usually plan our release calendar months in advance. We had planned to release a marquee summer drop from The MVMNT in June, and around the same time lockdown happened. But it didn't really change our direction, the one difference it did make was that we couldn't shoot a music video, that's all.

On the other hand, with everything going on in the world during that time, it gave us an opportunity to spread some much-needed positivity into everyone’s life thanks to the theme of the song. It really felt great when everyone vibed with the song. If we can do anything to make sure your quarantine can be better, as an artist, we’ll definitely do it.

What's 'your type of music' or what you stand for?

My type of music is usually something I’d love to listen to, usually Hip-Hop/Soulful music, fresh and something that inspires me to be a better musician.

What releases have you scheduled for the future?

Right now, we have this exciting new project ready to release next month which showcases the fresh talent in the Hip-Hop scene. It’s called 'New Kids On The Block' and will have 5 songs by 5 upcoming artists. The first single drops on July 30 featuring Lit Happu. This is a #CommunityFirst project which is one of the main pillars based on which Faizan & I started The MVMNT in the first place.

Sez on the Beat is a producer, beat-maker and entrepreneur from India. He is widely acknowledged as the man behind the sound of Indian hip-hop. He has produced India's biggest hip-hop hits and worked with artists such as DIVINE, Naezy, Badshah, Seedhe Maut & Prabh Deep by the age of 25. Sez has also collaborated with international acts such as Chance The Rapper (upcoming/unreleased) and Rich The Kid among others.