200 people gather at BJP MLA’s house after being invited for free grain collection

200 people gather at BJP MLA’s house after being invited for free grain collection

BJP MLA from Wardha, Dadarao Keche, is in hot water after reports of people gathering outside his home emerged. The corresponding pictures reveal hundreds gathered around the area within close proximity of each other, while the actual figure is said to around 200. 

Those gathered in the area were reportedly there to collect free grains as promised by the MLA previously. It is said that the grain donation was held to celebrate Keche’s birthday. However, such large gatherings are not encouraged anywhere in the country as it could lead to the spread of coronavirus. But Keche claims his opponents are using this to tarnish his image. Although he didn’t name anyone as likely conspirators.

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Keche said - “I had invited only 21 labourers, who have lost their livelihood due to coronavirus, and distributed food grains to them. After that, I left to visit my guru Bhikaram Baba at Ashta around 11 am. But my political adversaries took advantage of the situation to spread the word that I am distributing food grains leading to several people thronging my residence. When I got the information I rushed back and dispersed the crowd with the help of the police.”

The collector of Wardha, Vivek Bhimanwar tells a different story. “We had not given him any permission for the programme nor had he sought one from us. He had expressed a desire for a blood donation camp which we had refused permission for.”

“Instead, we allowed blood donation by five persons on the occasion at Arvi Primary Health Centre (PHC) adhering to the social distancing norm. As soon as the police got information about the crowd at his residence, they swung into action and dispersed it. The SDO has directed the police to conduct an inquiry,” Bhimanwar added.

Superintendent of Police, Wardha, Basavraj Teli said that an FIR has been lodged against the MLA in this regard. 

Such don’t help anyone, even the labourers that the MLA was supposedly helping. This goes to show that despite the Government’s strict directives against public gatherings of any kind, including for blood donation drives, the message somehow hasn’t gotten across to everyone, including those belonging to the BJP. 

While donations for stranded migrants and workers are being conducted all over the country, strict protocols are being followed which include adequate social distancing. The police will have to remain hyper-vigilant in such times to ensure the safety of the citizens.