NCP targets PM Modi by placing bangles

NCP targets PM Modi by placing bangles

NCP has once again targeted BJP with quite a strong front this time as well. NCP's North Mumbai District Women's Movement gathered under the leadership of Fahmida Hussain to pay homage to the Veer Shaheed Jawans of the country outside the Borivali station. People lit candles and paid homage to the Shaheed jawans.

Along with paying tribute, NCP women activists also targeted BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. NCP workers placed an envelope and some bangles in the name of Narendra Modi at the place. NCP workers protested against Modi and said that where is that Modi, who had earlier asserted that he will get 10 heads in exchange of one, while, 274 jawans have already lost their lives in nearly 4 months, but and yet Modi did nothing.

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