PMC asked to expedite Installation of Deity Vithal Statue and Saints' Murals

As the PMC embarks on this ambitious endeavor, all eyes are on the successful realization of the grand deity Vithal statue and the artful depiction of saints, which promises to be a testament to faith and artistry alike.

PMC asked to expedite Installation of Deity Vithal Statue and Saints' Murals

In a significant development, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has unveiled plans to erect a statue of the revered deity Vithal, towering at an impressive 16 feet. Accompanying this centerpiece will be a series of murals depicting saints, fulfilling a long-standing demand championed by the Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde.

Project Greenlit by PMC Administrator

Administrator Vikram Kumar, at the helm of the PMC, has provided the much-awaited green light for this endeavor. The project encompasses not only the installation of the commanding 16-foot idol of deity Vithal but also the incorporation of 12 murals, each spanning an impressive 7 by 12 feet. The underlying theme selected for this initiative is "Sant Shrishti." The strategically chosen location for this artistic venture is the serene Dattoba Appa Shankarrao Tarwade Pazar Talav, situated in the heart of the Mohammadwadi-Kausarbaug area.

Public Interest Sparks Momentum

Earlier this year, Pramod alias Nana Bhangire, the influential head of the Shiv Sena in the city, fervently appealed to the PMC for accelerated project approval and execution. Bhangire underscored the unhygienic state of the area, where open sewage marred the surroundings. The transformation of this area, he emphasized, stands as a matter of public interest. Bhangire further divulged that the foundational groundwork at the designated site has been successfully completed. At present, the remaining steps involve the installation of the saintly murals and the awe-inspiring 16-foot-tall deity Vithal. Bhangire optimistically projected the culmination of the entire project within the forthcoming two months. Notably, the comprehensive initiative encompasses not only the statue and murals but also a melodious musical fountain and inviting seating areas for the public to enjoy.

Navigating Regulatory Procedures

Despite claims by the Shiv Sena leadership regarding securing requisite permissions, the municipal administration offered clarifications. The authorization for the installation of the idol is still undergoing due process.

According to a resolution enacted on May 2, 2017, the state government has effectively decentralized the authority for granting permission for the installation of idols, particularly those of national leaders and eminent personalities. To advance the installation of the deity Vithal idol, the PMC will be required to approach a committee overseen by the district collector. This specialized committee will comprise key stakeholders such as the administrative head of the pertinent civic body, the head of the police, the superintendent engineer from the state public works department, and the resident deputy collector.

Stringent Guidelines and Future Precautions

Elucidating the regulations set forth by the state government, it has been stipulated that the installation of an idol on public or private property necessitates explicit permission from the district collector-led committee. Additionally, the design of the idol or statue necessitates approval from the state government's art directorate. Paramount considerations encompass the absence of potential law and order disruptions stemming from the installation, underscored by the requirement of a no-objection certificate (NOC) to be issued by local law enforcement.

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