BJP passed City Governance Bill to raise funds: Varsha Vilas

BJP passed City Governance Bill to raise funds: Varsha Vilas

Dadar- Social worker Varsha Vidya Vilas, transgender community leader Priya Patil and BJP party bearer Krishna Hegde visited Mumbai Live offices and took part in a special programme ‘Mumbai Naka’, in which local issues of the city are being discussed.

The subject of the show on Monday was the City Governance Bill. During the show, Varsha Vidya Vilas and Priya Patil seen targeting Krishna Hegde. They said that the Bharatiya Janata Party has passed the City Governance Bill in a hurry to raise funds. The panel members discussed their issues and points on the Bill.

Priya Patil raised the point that the transgender community is still not given their rights, they are fighting for the society and the government for their rights.

Varsha Vidya Vilas, speaking on the Mohalla Sabha (Local area meeting), said that by forming the Mohalla Sabha, local problems can be solved. Moreover, she alleged that the BJP and Shiv Sena were jointly ruling BMC, but both the parties have failed in doing development work in Mumbai.

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