No Objection Certificate in 7 days

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    No Objection Certificate in 7 days
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    Mumbai - No Objection Certificate is the most important document to buy, sell, give the house on rent, for a loan against a house or for any other issue, required from the society. But this certificate is not issued on time so many problems is been faced by the flat owner. By the arrival of the new law, no objection certificate will be obtained within 7 days.

    Registrar Co- operative department, at the beginning of the New Year, has made it mandatory to issue the non-objection certificate within 7 days and also given orders on the same. Maharashtra Society of Welfare Association President Ramesh Prabhu welcomed this decision and said that it would be useful to lakhs of society members. If the NOC is not issued in 7 days then the society member can write to the office of Registrar Co- operative societies. Then taking the note of the complaint the NOC will be issued within 7 days. In case after that also NOC is not issued then complaint can be registered with Registrar and then Registrar can issue the NOC. Thus, exploitation of the committee societies will be stopped.

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