10-year-old From Mumbai Climbs Everest Base Camp

She said that her daughter reached the Everest base camp on May 6 at nearly 1 pm.

10-year-old From Mumbai Climbs Everest Base Camp

Rhythm Mamania (10), a skater from Mumbai, according to a report by the news agency PTI, became one of the youngest Indian mountaineers to climb the Everest base camp. Based on the account, the Worli resident completed the trek in 11 days, earlier this month and was accompanied by her parents, Harshal and Urmi. 

During a conversation with PTI, Mamania's mother elaborated on her daughter is a class 5 student from Bandra's MET Rishikul Vidyalaya. She said that her daughter reached the Everest base camp on May 6 at nearly 1 pm. She added that it took her 11 days to finish the trek at the base camp which is placed at 5,364 metres.

Mamania was quoted in the narrative elaborating on how apart from skating, trekking has been her passion. She remarked that the trek taught her the importance of being a responsible trekker and addressing the issue of mountain waste management. 

According to the mother, Mamania from the age of five enjoyed scaling mountains. She said her daughter's first long trek was 21-km Dudhsagar. Mamania has also climbed peaks in the Sahyadri ranges like Mahuli, Sondai, Karnala and Lohagad.

Further elaborating on the trek to Everest's base camp, the mother remarked that her daughter walked for 8-9 hours on many steep terrains in multiple climatic conditions. These she said entailed hailstones, snowfall and temperatures as under as minus 10 degrees Celsius.

It has been reported that the girl went to the base with a Nepal-based company, with a group of Kutch trekkers. The mother elaborated on how after reaching the base camp, the other members decided to take the helicopter back, but her daughter wanted to walk down. Therefore, they decided to descend it.

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