Extreme sentiments during Ganpati Visarjan; Was it necessary?


Spreading hatred is easier than spreading love and by using words like Hindu, Muslim, Bharat, Pakistan, Zindabad, Murdabad, the job is done. During rough times, we should seek for reasons which can hold us together but instead, we are growing apart, thanks to instigating words.

Mumbai Live shot a video during Ganpati Visarjan (immersion) procession, where we stumbled upon a group who were bidding farewell to Bappa but in a unique way. 

When the video begins, the group sings about Bappa and how he should not forget his devotees. However, in the next line, they sing about we (Hindus) and Pakistan and how we (Hindus) should destroy Pakistan from the map. It is then followed by the line which says that India is like a father-figure (India is your baap in simple words) and the Pakistan is nothing in front of it. Well, apart from this unnecessary rant, they also sang about how the Marathi language is important and one should learn and write the same. Now, asking all these things from Bappa is fair enough but Why Pakistan? Why do we have to target a particular country during a festival where we are bidding goodbye to Lord Ganesha? 

Our motive to publish this video is to inform people that in no way are we promoting hatred. Using our medium, we like to say that speaking out our mind is necessary but targeting Pakistan during Ganpati Visarjan (which was utterly unnecessary) is not at all justified. Yes, we are not on good terms with Pakistan but it does not mean that every now then we keep on ranting against the country. Such acts only instigate violence and hatred. It doesn't take much to change the perception of weak-minded people who start hating people who belong to a certain community or country. 

We are already dealing with sensitive issues at an international level, but ranting against a country during our holy festival seems a bit unnecessary. Can’t we, as responsible citizens, enjoy a festival and not target communities or bring up internationally tensed topics? Rationality and a liberal attitude is what the world needs for a better future. 

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