MSSA faculty and students spread awareness about social distancing in COVID-19 lockdown

Through a recently released video, the team at Mumbai Schools Sports Association (MSSA) shares message to #staysafestayhome thereby win against the deadly coronavirus.

MSSA faculty and students spread awareness about social distancing in COVID-19 lockdown

In a recently released video, Mumbai Schools Sports Association (MSSA) faculty and students requested people to stay at home, with an aim to break the chain and win against the virus. The video was conceptualised by MSSA Hockey Secretary, Lawrence Bing, and was made with an aim to spread positivity. Hence, it shares messages from many associated with the group, including students who understand the importance of social distancing during the coronavirus lockdown.

Talking about the same, Lawrence said, "My motive was to be connected with the kids and to encourage them not to get demotivated during this lockdown but to stay fit stay safe and stay home... the positive approach I received from the kids led me to make the video. MSSA will be coming up with one more video (what's next when government remove lockdown) that will be more interesting (hockey players) are doing research on it and will come up with their ideas."

Father Jude Rodrigues, President of MSSA added, "Basically, we wanted the members to be healthy - physically and mentally. People are getting stressed and can't leave their houses. They need to have simple exercise and stay healthy. God has given us an opportunity to stay with family, and we should ensure that they make the most of the opportunity and bond together. They should appreciate themselves and help each other in their daily lives. We wanted to cover these aspects through the video and hence we conceptualised the same. It has been appreciated in our community and I'm glad about the efforts the team has put in sharing this message."

Amidst the current COVID-19 crisis, it is important for us to share positivity and stay healthy. MSSA as an association aims to do the same, thereby keeping the community aware and happy.