Passion is the key to success: Australian Tennis Coach Harry Haines

Australian tennis coach Hanies advised kids at a coaching clinic at Willingdon Sports Club

Passion is the key to success: Australian Tennis Coach Harry Haines

Tennis coach Harry Haines, a member of Tennis Australia and USTA was excited about his visit to Mumbai and all praise of the tennis courts of the Willingdon Sports Club in Worli. “It’s wonderful to be in this city (Mumbai) which is so vibrant and full of energy,” said the Australian, who was here in the city to conduct a clinic for youngsters at the Willingdon Sports Club over the weekend.

The affable Aussie before interacting and sharing his experience with the youngsters spoke to reporters on the tennis scenario around the world and was in complete awe of Swiss maestro Roger Federer.

The tall Australian Haines pointed out that ‘Passion’ is the key to success and the only route to become a top tennis player. “If you don’t have the passion you cannot succeed in any sport, and you can get nowhere. To reach the pinnacle you should have the passion to train hard, work on your fitness and keep improving your skills,” Haines mentioned.

Federer is the perfect example of a player who is extremely passionate about his game and, I am a huge fan of the Swiss legend. He is a very consonant profession and, what, at 38 years of age he is still fighting, oh my goodness,” exclaimed the Australian.

Besides Federer and Rafa, Novak Djokovic and a couple of other players have been competing fiercely at the top and these guys have been dominating the major tournaments and Grand Slams over the past so many years.

“Even Rafa (Rafael Nadal) is another example of a great tennis player. Unfortunately, he has been hampered by injuries, but still with a good brain, he manages to fight and stay at the top. We see a generation of tennis now and from those top professionals he is very special,” Haines further stated.