Five apps millennials in Mumbai need to have on their phone

If you are a millennial and want to make yourself at home in this metropolitan city, it is necessary that you have these mobile applications on your respective mobile phones

Five apps millennials in Mumbai need to have on their phone

Living in Mumbai is not everybody's cup of tea. The city introduces you to daily rush in local trains as well as heavy traffic on roads while commuting. The island city resides millions of people consisting of residents as well as people who are here in search of their dreams and definitely Mumbai isn't gentle towards them. Especially, if you are a millennial and want to ensure smooth survival in this city, it is vital to learn extensively about the city and have a friend to help you out.

However, there are times when you have no friend available around you and that's when your smartphone turns into a last resort to bail you out in such situations. Therefore, to make yourself ready to face troubles, you need the right applications on your phone. Here are five applications that every millennial must have on their phone:


For everyone who resides in Mumbai, m-Indicator is the master key to every transport trouble in this city. The app has information about every public transport system including local trains, buses, as well as the Metro. Without this application, you might definitely feel lost.

Available on iOS and Android


At times, you will be stranded on the road with no means of public transport near you which will leave you confused what to do. That's when cab aggregators Ola/Uber come to your rescue and take you to your destination with ease.

Available on iOS and Android

Google Pay

Online Wallets are the next big thing and they are not only safe but also easy to use. Google Pay is an application linked to your bank account and only requires the payee's phone number. Sounds easy, right?

Available on iOS and Android


Imagine you are sitting at home and it is pouring cats & dogs outside or it is a sunny day but you just are too lazy to step outside. At such times, Swiggy/UberEats makes sure that you have food delivered at your door.

Available on iOS and Android

Google Maps

Google Maps is one application that not only assists you with directions but also shows you real-time traffic when you are travelling. Also, don’t worry if your connection gets lost, Google Maps work offline too.

Available on iOS and Android

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