How to Make Viral-Worthy Slideshow Videos for Your Business

How to Make Viral-Worthy Slideshow Videos for Your Business

Whether you’re looking to cultivate your brand or create video ads that are an object of envy for your competitors, slideshow videos are a new way forward. With such a video format, not only can you increase user engagement but also showcase your products and/or services in a unique manner.  

This article will venture to list out a few tips you need to keep in mind before you begin creating slideshow videos that are sure to make a buzz in all the right digital media circles.   

The Concept is Everything 

If you want your slideshow video to be a true work of art that grabs eyeballs, you have to make sure that you’ve taken full stock of what your overall concept should be.  

This would involve careful planning and understanding of what sort of style, mood, format, and duration you’d like to go with. You would have to also think about the digital platforms it would go up on and the kind of audience who will be watching it.   

Create a Story 

Even if your video is just an advertisement or a means to furnish your brand image, it has to have a story. Without that, no one is going to be interested in giving your slideshow a second glance. In that vein, make sure your video is not just an amalgamation of pictures and video clips with a music track thrown in for good measure.  

Your video should be able to evoke emotions, tell a story, and make your viewers want to watch it again and again.  

The Ideal Balance of Photos and Videos 

Once you’ve decided on the length of your slideshow, picking the right combination of photos and videos is crucial to the success of your video. Here’s how you could divide the time between the two:  

  • Duration for each photo: Although 3 to 5 seconds is the sensible length to go for, you have to keep in mind the complexity of each photo as well as the effects and transitions you’d need to use between slides.

  • Duration of each video clip: When you insert video clips within a slideshow, make sure you keep only the bits that are absolutely necessary for your slideshow. In that vein, make sure your videos are nothing beyond 20 seconds.  

Use the Right Tools  

The digital age has more or less transformed the way we utilize tools that could aid us in our creative and marketing efforts. We now have access to a plethora of online tools at our fingertips.  

As such, using a handy slideshow maker that is able to trim, collate, and allow the use of stock footage from a gallery of content could be your best bet at making your slideshow video.  

These online tools also come with an amazing set of a pre-existing set of templates that you can use to your advantage while also allowing you to add text, appropriate music, and so on. Invideo is one such platform that boasts of all these functions and much more.   

Sync Your Content  

In order for your slideshow video to have a smooth flow and sequence to it, ensure that your photos and videos have continuity to them. Aside from that, make sure that you add as little text as possible so as to not bore or put off your audience.  

When you insert your text, don’t forget to add a smooth transition or effect so as to keep the attention of your viewers. Don’t overuse your effects and transitions and try to give your text an emotional, witty, funny, or clever touch to it (depending on the tone you’re brand is going for).  

Lastly, when you add your music, you have to keep in mind that it is relevant to the content at hand and goes well with the pictures and video clips you’ve chosen. Moreover, it has to be conducive to your overall ad campaign or creative vision.   

The Format Counts  

Once you’ve gone over all the details of clipping, editing, and beautifying your slideshow, make sure your video resolution and format are up to the mark. An HD video format that is nothing less than 720p or 1080p should be your ideal choice. Your video output should be something that is compatible with most special media platforms as well.  

Make Call To Actions  

Don’t hold back from making CTAs along the lines of, ‘visit our website now’ or ‘follow us on Instagram’. This way, your viewers will be influenced into taking the next step, as they require that extra push. If you end the video without a CTA, they’re probably going to leave, forget about your message, ad, or promotion being none the wiser.   

End it With a Bang 

Granted, your slideshow video is hardly a movie or a short film by any measure. But that doesn’t have to stop you from giving it a great beginning, an interesting middle portion, and an amazing ending. If you want to keep your viewers engaged, this tip will take you a long way.  

You can either choose to end it with a funny meme, use an interesting hashtag or just refurbish content that has been trending recently. The idea at the end of the day is to use something that sticks and stays in the mind of your audience.  

 Wrapping Up 

A suave, crisp-looking slideshow video is something every business looks forward to making. Through careful planning, ideation, and implementation, you can have your very own video clip that would make your heads turn.  

However, ensuring that you use all the right editing and publishing tools and the ideal social media platforms to push your content is as important as well.  

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