Make a way for 'Indian Messenger' app

  • Make a way for 'Indian Messenger' app

Mumbai - WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Viber are now a passé as the new app has hit the market. It’s none other than Indian Messenger. Created by Indian Bahadur Singh Jadeja, it is believed that this app has all the potential to take over WhatsApp and Snapchat apps.
“We name it as Indian Messenger because it is developed by Indians. Not only pictures but you can send 40 videos at the same time,” said Bahadur Singh Jadeja, creator.

It stands out because of its unique features. Unlike WhatsApp, Indian Messenger app has no group member’s limit and can send 40 files in one go. Users can also hide their status and location and can update their profile. Till now, this app has hit one lakh downloads.

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