Children's Day Doodle: Google Displays The Winning Creation Of 'Doodle 4 Google' 2018

Google is celebrating Children's day with a doodle envisioned by a school student from Mumbai, winner of the 2018 'Doodle 4 Google' competition in India


On the occasion of Children’s Day, Google has displayed the winning doodle of the competition ‘Doodle 4 Google‘. For context, the company has been organising this competition every year to provide a platform to showcase the creativity of young minds. 

The first edition of the competition was held back in 2009. As part of the competition, school children from Class 1 all the way to Class 10 participate in the competition as part of five groups to win a scholarship.

Google also awards a Technology award to the school of the winner. As part of the competition, the children are required to draw the Doodle and also submit a written description of the Doodle in question.

Each year, Google announces a theme for the 'Doodle 4 Google' competition and the theme for this year was set as “What inspires me?”.

The winner for this year is Pingla Rahul from J.B Vachha High School in Mumbai. Pingla competed with more than 75,000 students from across the country to win the competition. Her doodle for the theme was “Galaxy Space Exploration”.

The doodle shows a child looking at a sky dotted with stars with a telescope. She created galaxies, planets and spacecraft to represent the vastness of things in space, which are carefully arranged to form letters in the Google logo. There are four more group winners that Google chose; a doodle on farmers, animals, wise monkeys and a study desk. The winners were chosen by Arun Iyer, famous artist and YouTube Kids Creator, Rob (Harun Robert), India's leading YouTube Creator Sejal Kumar and the Google Doodle team lead, Ryan Germick, with 300,000 votes from people.