Snapchat and Spotify to bring Gateway of India to life this Diwali

Snapchat has used the Landmarker technology which will enable the AR experience to transform the iconic landmark, in real-time. Mumbaikars can make the Gateway of India dance to their tunes between October 14-23


With the arrival of the festive season in the country, Snapchat’s popular Landmarker has made its way to India, just in time. In a collaborative effort, Spotify and Snapchat have made a plan to bring the Gateway of India to life with its augmented reality (AR) Landmarker Lens. 

For Spotify, which entered India earlier this year, this is expected to be an opportunity to make music more prevailing and ensure a delightfully creative music experience. Between October 14-23, Snapchat’s Landmarker technology will enable the AR experience which will transform the iconic landmark, in real-time.

To enable the feature, when Snapchatters are close to Gateway of India, they will find a Spotify icon as the first placement in their Lens carousel. When they select the Spotify sponsored lens on the screen, the user will be prompted to find the monument.

As Snapchatters point their phone’s camera at the Gateway of India, they will be able to see the monument come to life emanating the bright festive spirit through the ‘Diwali Drive’, ‘Diwali Shuffle’ and ‘Diwali Bash’ playlists, complemented by an upbeat soundtrack that they can then share with family and friends.

As a strategy, Spotify has always approached marketing in a very personalised and relatable way, and Landmarker too is a step towards engaging with the audience. It’s been intriguing to see how augmented reality has made its way into mainstream marketing.

Here's how the majestic landmark will look:

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