Ten Reasons Why Oppo Smartphones Are So Popular Among Youth

When we talk about the best smartphone brands today, we have to mention Oppo. We take a closer look as to why Oppo smartphones are so popular among young adults.

Ten Reasons Why Oppo Smartphones Are So Popular Among Youth

‘Selfie expert’. ‘Flaunt it your way’. ‘It’s your turn’. These are just some of the taglines Oppo came up with for marketing some of its smartphone models. A quick glance at the taglines will make it obvious that the brand isn’t talking to 40-something-year-olds. Ever since Oppo entered the Indian smartphone arena a couple of years ago, the brand has been focusing on one group in particular -- the young adults. The teenagers, those in their 20s and early 30s -- the millennials and Gen Z’ers have always been Oppo’s target audience, and the brand hasn’t shied away from making it obvious.

Another glance at the taglines will make something else fairly evident. The brand promotes its mobile phones primarily on the strengths of the phone cameras. Talk to any young adult in the country, and they would vouch for Oppo smartphones to be the best camera phones at various price points.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer knows that it would be futile to get into price wars with the likes of Xiaomi and Realme, based on the phone’s features and specs. Instead, it has managed to stand out from the pack by offering stellar camera phones for every budget.

But that isn’t the only reason why Oppo is a hot favourite among the young populace. Let us dive deep into the reasons, and see why young adults prefer purchasing Oppo mobiles over other brands.

Mastering innovation

t is safe to say that Chinese OEMs turned the smartphone landscape on its head when they entered the Indian market. They did this in multiple ways, but perhaps, the most important reason has been their ability to innovate at an unprecedented rate. Their penchant for innovation, and integrating the latest technologies in smartphone models enabled them to offer smartphones with better features than their Indian counterparts.

Oppo has taken the same route, and over the years, the brand has offered many industry-first innovations. This has resulted in Oppo mobiles being some of the best models, with exceptional features. The brand’s ability to offer such incredible models at pocket-friendly prices has made it the go-to brand for the country’s youth.

Target marketing

Oppo'sBright Side of the Night’ campaign resonated with the young adults unlike any other campaign by a smartphone brand in the country. Oppo wanted to grab some eyeballs, and it managed to do just that. If you wanted to truly understand the benefits of target marketing, there is perhaps no better case study than Oppo.

Furthermore, the smartphone brand does not dilly-dally when it comes to sending its message across to its target audience. Oppo also backs up its claims, which is another reason why the young adults in the country adore the brand.

Premium design

If your target audience is 20-something-year-olds, then it is imperative that you offer smartphones that are chic, stylish and elegant. After all, youngsters take great pride in how something looks, and not just with respect to its functionality. Oppo has studied its customer base and knows exactly what they want.

Let us take the example of Oppo A53 smartphone. The device does not cost more than Rs. 13,000, but it comes with the 3D Iridescent Wave Design, and integrated curved body, which makes it look extremely elegant and stylish. There was a time when you had to purchase a flagship device for it to flaunt a premium design. However, Oppo smartphones are pocket-friendly but exude charm and elegance, something the youngsters definitely want today.

Brilliant cameras

Finally, we come to Oppo’s piece-de-resistance, its cameras. Oppo smartphones house best-in-class cameras, and the brand optimizes the hardware and software to ensure that users click stellar photographs, even if the phone comes with just one or two cameras at the back. Oppo phones boast of a myriad of shooting modes and filters, which, once again, is something that the young adults need.

Excellent features

Oppo mobiles come with best-in-class features. In fact, the brand is often ahead of the curve and offers new features that set the trend.

Setting standards when it comes to photography

We’ve talked about Oppo’s camera phones, but the brand also offers never-before-seen features with its cameras. For instance, a couple of years ago, Oppo offered phones with stealth cameras, while it was also one of the first brands to make the most of AI-enhanced technology.

3D Structured Light Technology

Oppo Find X was a groundbreaking model for various reasons, but perhaps, the most important has been its use of 3D Structured Light Technology for facial recognition. The brand breezed past its competitors in terms of technological ingenuity and used the 3D Structured Light Technology to offer better security, as compared to fingerprint sensors used by other brands.

Oppo mobiles for all pocket-sizes

India is a melting pot of various cultures, traditions, and more importantly, wealth statuses. When it comes to the youth, some are affluent and can afford high-end devices, while others look for budget-friendly options. No matter the pocket size, Oppo has a smartphone model for everyone.

Long battery life

Oppo smartphones come with powerful, long-lasting batteries, regardless of the budget. This makes Oppo mobiles extremely reliable, as youngsters can click pictures, play games, chat with friends, or watch their favourite content on their phones.

ColorOS for improved user experience

Oppo uses ColorOS based on Android OS, which lets users choose between gesture-based navigation buttons and software-based navigation buttons. This offers an enhanced user experience.

In short, the brand has been successful in knowing exactly what the youth want and has been able to deliver on its promise. This is one of the major reasons why Oppo today is one of the top five smartphone brands in the country and is only growing stronger.

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