Man buys an iPhone X with a band, horse and a placard “I love iPhone X”

Pallival who bought an iPhone X literally announced it with a placard that read “I love iPhone X"


Whenever Apple announces their upcoming “iPhones”, people start calculating their monthly spendings and try to fit themselves in the buying criteria. Some succeed while some fail.

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One such man, Pallival who bought an iPhone X, literally announced it with a placard that read, “I love iPhone X,”. Well, he was not shouting and telling people about it but he rode on a horse and came to take his pre-booked iPhone X with a band and a procession.

The store owner Ashish Thakker, gave the iPhone X to Pallival while he was sitting on the horse.

This happened on Friday in Thane’s Hariniwas circle, where he saw to it that the whole world knows about his “capability” of buying an iPhone (hysterical). 

Pallival not only got the iPhone X but also got the publicity for choosing an unconventional style to buy an iPhone. Which some found to be odd and some just laughed it off. 

Apple announced the iPhone X to commemorate ten years of the iPhone which ranges from INR 89,000 to INR 102,000.

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