Decoding Maya's look from Beyhadh 2

Beyhadh is back and this time Maya will be dressed only in Black. Here's the reason why

Decoding Maya's look from Beyhadh 2

After the power-packed season, Beyhadh is back with second season 2. While the makers have cast Jennifer Winget for the role of Maya, the rest of the cast is brand new. In this season the new additions are Ashish Chowdhry and Shivin Narang. The show will be replacing Kaun Banega Crorepati at the 9 pm slot of Sony TV and will air from December 2.

While talking to media at the launch of the show, Jennifer Winget said, "The first season was all about Maya's obsession with love. The second season is all about her obsession with revenge. The obsession part is the same. She is as obsessed as one can be. I assure you this season is going to be darker, scarier, crazier and much more intense."

Another point of difference that was brought to light was Maya’s dressing. While in the first season we saw Jennifer wear only white clothes, this season she will be seen only in black. “Maya in the previous season wore white as she believed her life is colourless and white is the colour which is berang. This season she is all black as the colour denotes hate and revenge and jispe koi rang nahi chadta. For Maya, it's either white or black no in-between," says Jennifer.

Explaining it further, Creative Director, Ameeta Devadiga, "In the first season, Maya wore only white because she was devil in the garb of an angel and this season she is the devil".

When asked whether the team and Jennifer were feeling any pressure, Jennifer said, “There is a bit of pressure and it is on the whole team to be able to do better that the first season. So it is all in the positive way and not in the negative way. Pressure helps us or rather motivates us to do a better job”. She even went on to clarify that even thought at the moment most of the promotion is revolving around Maya as one progresses in the story, one would get to see more of the other characters in the show as everyone is equally important.

Jennifer Winget also talked how thye had never imagined that the season one of Beyhadh will be appreciated by the audience so much and now they have to set new benchmarks for themselves. "Season 1 of Beyhadh was a trial and error process for the team. Writing such a complex character on TV, executing it and the way people loved it, we were very apprehensive whether it will work or not work. But it did! Season 2 kya, humko to yeh laga tha ki yeh (season 1) to chal le! Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we will come back,” she added.

The makers also added that when you say obsession with love, then it becomes simpler to explain. But when you say that someone is obsessed with hatred, then that is difficult as no one has really heard it. So that is another level of craziness that we will get to see in this season of Beyhadh.

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