Bigg Boss 12: Neha Pendse gets evicted from Bigg Boss 12 house

In an exclusive interaction Mumbai Live, evicted contestant Neha Pendse spoke about her BB 12 journey and also her experience of playing the game


Sunday's are the most dreaded since it means the end of someone's journey in the Bigg Boss house!

This weekend Bigg Boss decided to lighten up the mood of the contestants by surprising them with Navratri celebrations. Special guests were the talented Dance Deewane contestants along - Winner Aalok Shaw, Advik Mongia, Kishen Bilagali, Sonali Nirantar, Dinanath Singh and Vedprakash Allah along with little wonder, Divyansh. Taking the entertainment a notch higher, Divyansh Dwivedi met engaged the housemates in various activities. He played a game with Deepak Thakur where he had to translate Hindi proverbs in English. The fellow contestants enjoyed this activity and made fun of Deepak’s linguistic problems.

After all the festive celebration, dance, comedy and "nok jhok" it was time for one of the nominated contestants to bid adieu to the house. The housemates were anxious to know who will get evicted this week. After creating a moment of suspense Salman announced Neha Pendse’s name.

After getting evicted Neha spoke to Mumbai Live exclusively about her entire BB12 journey. “I wish I would have entered the house with some strategy, as I thought that I will go in the house and later decide how to play the game. However, I think that didn’t work for me. I only thing I regret is of not having a strategy fixed in mind. If given a chance to go back inside the house, I would like to change some of my equations with the inmates in the house and play accordingly”, said Neha.