Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla talks about the disadvatages of enterting the show as a couple

Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla talks about the disadvatages of enterting the show as a couple

The latest season of Bigg Boss is here and people seem to be enjoying the controversial reality show to the fullest. Just like every year, there is a little twist in the show this time. Gauahar Khan, Sidharth Shukla and Hina Khan have entered in as the 'Toofani seniors' and apart from the tasks that the Bigg Boss shares, even the seniors are trying to stir things up in the house.

In yesterday’s episode we saw Abhinav and Rubina’s relationship bond being tested. He was asked to make a choice between getting Rubina inside the house vs giving up his immunity. Abhinav decided to not give up his immunity and remain true to his game.

However, this test was something that both Abhinav and Rubina were expecting. Before going in the show, Mumbai Live had got in touch with Abhinav Shukla and talked about the advantages and disadvantages of going in as a couple in the Bigg Boss’s house.

Talking about the Abhinav said that he felt that people will try to break them and pit them against each other. He said, “We think we will be at a slight disadvantage by going in the show as a couple as every one will perceive us a threat as we are two people and will like to break us, will like to provoke at least one of us. This will be something that we will have to tackle tactfully. But yes in the show we will have each other for emotional support and that will be a slight advantage”.

Who knew that it would be Bigg Boss that would be putting their relationship to test and that too this early on in the game.

 We also asked Abhinav what his first thoughts were when he got this offer to be part of the Bigg Boss 14. “Both Rubina and I got the offer to be part as a couple. My first thought was Rubi you should do it all by yourself. If we go together then you have a support system. Living with 15-16 hostile people for three months will teach you a lot about people and a lot about yourself. So she said why we should not do it as a couple, then we will get to know a lot about each other and that is how we picked up this challenge,” shares Abhinav.

Abhinav also shared that he has not followed any season religiously and only seen highlights “but what I know of the show is that the format is very beautiful. It is an experiment of human psychology. You put some people together and deprive them of basics and you see the myriad of human emotions emerge on the screen for all to see,” says Abhinav.

In terms of past contestants, Abhinav said that his favourite was Bindu Dara Singh. He complimented Sidharth Shukla’s gameplay too but added that he was a tad bit aggressive.

The actor who made his debut with SAB TV’s show Jersey No 10 feels that no amount of strategy before the show will work beyond Day 2 so he will be looking at playing each day as it comes. Abhinav’s advice to himself and wife Rubina before getting in the show was – Keep the faith, adapt and outsmart and outshine

He also mentioned that he is very resourceful and can do a lot of DIY stuff. “I am a science student and did my engineer and I can use it to fix things up. My friends really appreciate that so inside the house if there is a challenge of this nature or task that involves these skills, then I will be good at it” quips Abhinav.

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