Bigg Boss 14: Contestants to tour around the world for the new task to win captaincy

Bigg Boss 14: Contestants to tour around the world for the new task to win captaincy

In last night's episode, we did manage to that despite being new Kavita Kaushik has already managed to ruffle a few feathers. Pavitra Punia is already looking forward to locking horns with her at any point. Furthermore, Kavita managed to get the house in line during her tenure as a captain. She also got her friend Eijaz Khan out of the red zone and in the house.  

The nomination task proved to be an eye-opener for the contestants wherein each one got a chance to put forward their true opinions about their co-contestants.  There were a lot of accusations towards Rahul  Vaidya and Jaan Kumar Sanu put forward by the other contestants. At the end of the task Rahul, Nikki Tamboli and Jaan Kumar Sanu join Pavitra Punia in the red zone. Nikki sees this as a  good chance to use Jaan’s jealousy and straighten him up. Rahul Vaidya on the other hand doesn't leave any opportunity to make Jaan feel insecure. Nikki tries to placate the two but Jaan stops her and asks her to choose between him and Rahul.

 Bigg Boss gives a new task to the teammates in which they can win the captaincy. All that the contestants need to do is to take care of their travel bags while sitting on a bicycle and ensure that the bags are with them until the end of the task. While it sounds simple, this task takes on an increasingly offensive mode where the contestants start snatching the travel bags.

Soon the friendships are put to test where the nominated contestants have to come out of the red zone and snatch the bags of the other housemates. The Red Zone contestants plan how they can benefit by making someone from their own team a captain. Rahul Vaidya targets Jasmin Bhasin and snatches her bag which makes her fall off the cycle. Jasmin doesn’t take this lightly and she loses her cool. She cries and howls at how people in general have a perspective that women are considered weak. Rahul is now in a spot!

 Who will win this task? Who will Nikki choose between Jaan and Rahul?

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