Bigg Boss 12: Sabha Khan and Anup Jalota get evicted

After getting evicted, Anup Jalota and Sabha Khan spoke to Mumbai Live about their journey, experience of playing the game and also shared their regrets around the show


Conversations, confrontations, coming together or moving apart, we are witnessing it all in the Bigg Boss House. This Weekend ka Vaar was about double evictions, Anup Jalota and Sabha got evicted from the Bigg Boss house. 

After getting evicted, Anup Jalota and Sabha Khan spoke to Mumbai Live about their journey. “I enjoyed my journey in the house. I was approached two years ago to participate in Bigg Boss, but due to some reasons, I couldn’t participate. However, this year Jasleen wanted to participate and so I agreed”, said Jalota.

Clearing the eviction air, the veteran singer averred, “I know that there is a buzz that I am getting evicted because I have an event to attend, but there is nothing as such”.

Furthermore, talking about the journey Sabha Khan said, “My eviction was very shocking, we had no idea about double eviction and even if it was to happen, I wasn't expecting to be the evicted contestant. I am in a state of shock as I really don’t know the reason why I got evicted from the house. According to me, I was giving my 100%. I wish I could have stayed in the game for some more time.”

Bigg Boss had spiced up the weekend episode with a never-done-before challenge for Megha and Dipika. Both kitchen queens had to cook two dishes in a matter of 30 minutes for both the contestants as well as for the host - Salman Khan, who also decided the winner of the ‘Big Chef Competition’. While Dipika stirred up her favourite atta ka halwa and egg frankie, Megha cooked a special Maharashtrian delicacy, masala rice with batatyachya kachrya (fried potato wedges).

After this challenge - Superstar and India's favourite host, Salman Khan gave another ‘Eggciting’ task to the contestants. This weekend, the Sultani Akhadha task was between two groups – Group 1 - Happy club and Group 2 - Wolf Pack. Former cricketer Sreesanth was made the captain on behalf of the wolf pack and chose Jasleen and Shivashish as his team members whereas Surbhi was made the captain of the 'Happy club' and she picked Romil and Deepak in her team. Wolf Pack won the game!

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