Arif Zakaria to play the titular role in 'Dearest Bapu'

Arif Zakaria to play the titular role in 'Dearest Bapu'

Actor Arif Zakaria is elated to be playing the title role in the play Dearest Bapu. He says that the fact that the play is based on the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi was what attracted him to be part of it. Arif is no guest to theatre and has been part of the medium since he started acting. 

Talking about the role, he said, “It’s always an exalted feeling to re-interpret and enact the role of Gandhi. There is a sense of responsibility and burden as this is a man who resides in every story around us. My theatre journey began in college and then I did a few professional plays before venturing into films and TV. I was also part of the principal cast of the International musical 'The Merchants of Bollywood' which has had a successful run abroad for almost a decade. Then I re-connected with theatre here with the play 'Gardish Mein Taare' and now this.”

Arif has been part of films, TV as well as theatre and says that the stage is the most challenging medium. “All three platforms have their inherent challenges. But live performance is always more challenging. My focus in 2020 is the same as it has been since the past few years. I want to try and be part of some memorable projects with some diverse roles,” he says.