#SingIndiaSing to entertain the audiences again at NCPA

After a successful opening last year, the musical will once again be staged for 3 days at NCPA's Jamshed Bhabha Theatre.

#SingIndiaSing to entertain the audiences again at NCPA

After a successful opening season in 2018, #SingIndiaSing is back to entertain the audiences yet again. The musical will be staged for three days, from March 1 to March 3, 2019, at the Jamshed Bhabha Theatre at NCPA, Mumbai.

The show tells a grand tale about the journey of four young aspirants who are willing to do all it takes to become India’s next top singing sensation. After battling thousands of others to get on this coveted shortlist, the top 4 are willing to leave no stone unturned to ascend to the number 1 spot. The reward? - not just a big cash prize, but also a gateway to fame and a massive head start in their budding music careers.

The musical is set in the format of a reality show with cameras recording every contestant’s every move. All aspects of their lives, including their individual pasts, are under scrutiny constantly. Interspersed among all the larger-than-life song and dance numbers, are videos of the contestants being interviewed by celebrity blogger Miss Malini and behind-the-scenes footage of their time offstage during the 14-day long competition. This allows the audience to gain insight into multiple aspects of each contestant’s personality – especially the individual internal conflicts & grey areas. All of this set to music by the multi-genre maestro, Composer & Producer Clinton Cerejo!

With a cast comprising of Television’s best (Suchitra Pillai, Kamakshi Rai), Indie rockstars (Uday Benegal, Siddharth Basrur, Sarosh Nanavaty, Naquita Dsouza) and Theatre’s sweethearts (Brian Tellis, Asif Ali Beg, Abhishek Krishnan, Delraaz Bunshah and Tavish Bhattacharyya), the musical promises to induct and entertain a much younger, digital audience into theatre while keeping the promise of a spectacular production to the loyal theatre-goers. In addition to the live singing, the musical plans to thrill the audiences visually with tech-heavy set design and larger than life choreography.

Another interesting aspect of the show is that the fate of the characters on stage rests in your hands. Through live voting pads placed on each seat – the audience collectively has a say in how the evening unfolds. It is the audience that will decide who’ll win the show you attend? Vishnu- the true-blue rocker from Pune, Kitty - a sexy bar dancer from Dharavi, Jayashankar Iyer a.k.a Jazzy – A rapper with Carnatic rhythms from Chennai, or Shweta - the mysterious girl with a mask?