30,000 BEST employees to go on strike from Monday midnight

The BEST employees will be protesting against the transport corporation, January 7 midnight onwards. Accordingly, it is expected that no buses will be seen on the roads


Over the last few weeks, Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) has been neglecting the demands of the employees, owing to which they have decided to go on strike from January 7, midnight onwards. Under the leadership of Shashank Rao, the transport union has declared a strike for an indefinite period, where more than 95 per cent of BEST employees will be part of the protest.

Rao stated that due to various reasons, the union has been disappointed by BEST. He added that the officials had held several meetings but the transport corporation reached no decision and failed to meet their demands. Therefore, the BEST employees have decided to go on a strike and display their anger and disappointment.

Earlier, on December 20, employees conducted voting for the strike, and on their major demand is to amalgamate the BMC budget with the BEST budget and sort their salary issue.

The financially-weak BEST has had difficulties in paying its employees' salary on time. Despite the declaration of providing the employees with a bonus, the transport corporation hasn't yet paid it to them.

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