Free Internet: Commuters' favourite on Mumbai's Railway stations

While India advances towards Digital India, Mumbai is definitely progressing at a commendable speed and every citizen seems to be a noteworthy contributor.

Free Internet: Commuters' favourite on Mumbai's Railway stations

The Internet has nowadays become a basic necessity. While the consumption of Internet is increasing every day, the Internet providers, on the other hand, are bringing down the prices of the tariff rates. But despite cheap availability, people seem to be more inclined towards the “free” Internet.

Recently, it was learnt that 9.50 lakh Gigabytes (GB) Internet was consumed by the people of Mumbai through Railwire, the internet provider on railway stations. This means that the people are consuming 30,000 GB free data, daily. 

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The High-Speed Google Wifi service is functional at 28 railway stations in Mumbai. Amongst them, Kalyan Railway station holds the record of using the most data. In June, 4,22,149 people were accessing Google WiFi from Kalyan and probably 14,000 passengers might still be using free data daily! 

Kalyan is followed by Thane station in terms of data consumption. From Thane, 13,000 people avail free Internet access. About 11,000 passengers from Western Railway's Andheri station log in to get free WiFi daily. The top 10 stations that use most Internet data include six Central Railway stations and four stations of Western Railway.