Now complain about unclean public toilets with a WhatsApp message

If you witness a public toilet to be unclean or not maintained up to the mark, just click a picture and send it to 9004499733


Most of the times, when people visit public toilets at railway stations, they have to cover up their nose owing to the foul odour. The hygiene levels at these public toilets are very low but commuters are forced to use these and are expected to pay for the same. 

In order to combat this issue, the Western Railways has decided to address these issues via WhatsApp. Under Swachh Bharat mission, the WR has taken the initiative to keep toilets clean.

WR has introduced a WhatsApp number 9004499733, with the help of which, any passenger commuting between Churchgate and Virar, comes across an unclean toilet, then he just has to click and send the photo of the same to the number above.

Not only this, if any passenger feels that the contractor of any toilet is charging more money, then he can complain too. This service will be functional for 24 hours.  

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