Mumbai rickshaw drivers to go on a strike on November 27 demanding hike in fare prices

Mumbai Rickshaw Men’s Union President Shashank Rao said that if the demands of rickshaw drivers aren’t fulfilled by November 27, then they will go on a strike in Maharashtra and protest in front of RTO offices.


People in Indian cities prefer to travel through public transport or rickshaws and taxis, due to convenience and cheaper rates. However, the rickshaws and taxis are also affected by inflation and therefore, the transportation rates for the rickshaw and taxi fare increases gradually. Similarly, in response to the inflation, Mumbai rickshaw drivers have stated that if the base fare rates are not raised to ₹21 from ₹18, then they will go on a strike on November 27.  

For the last three years, the rickshaw drivers haven’t raised the base rates of the fare from ₹18 despite rise in inflation. Therefore, now we want the rickshaw drivers to get what they deserve. If the base fare rate is not raised from ₹18 to ₹21, then the drivers across Mumbai will go on a strike on November 27,” Mumbai Rickshaw Men’s Union President Shashank Rao told Mumbai Live.

He further added that other than the rise in fare prices, if their additional demands are delayed, they will protest vigorously after the strike.

Rao also indicated that their demands have been avoided by the government for a long time and therefore, they (rickshaw union) have given them a month’s time. Meanwhile, Shashank Rao said that since they don’t want to cause inconvenience, they have decided to protest after Diwali.

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