Mumbai streets to witness the iconic Victoria carriages again

Banned in 2015 because of animal cruelty, these horse-driven Victoria carriages are set to return Mumbai after four years but this time, battery operated versions of the same will be seen

Mumbai streets to witness the iconic Victoria carriages again

World famous Victoria Carriages drawn by horses has been a tourist attraction in the city for a very long period of time. These unique, fancy and artistic forms of transport hadn’t been seen on the streets for the past four years. There was a ban imposed on them because of the issue of animal cruelty. However, they are to make a comeback in the Maximum city soon, only this time, they will be battery operated. 

According to Mumbai Mirror, Maharashtra’s transport department went ahead and cleared a proposal allowing battery operated versions of these carriages back on the streets in Mumbai. These are likely to be run in the city’s tourist spots, where these carriages have drawn attention for over a century. The Victorian carriages are expected to be back later this month once the election results and formalities have been dealt with. 

The transport authorities have planned to run on 40 of these near Marine Drive, Gateway of India, Girgaum Chowpatty and Nariman Point. Before allowing the same on more routes, the department intends to test them at these six locations for the first six months.

The ride fares are yet to be fixed. These carriages are likely to run at maximum speed of 20 km/hr. Ideal for fun rides at tourist spots, these carriages will be manufactured by Ubo Ridez and will run on GPS, with speakers installed to give information about the history of the financial capital of India. 

A senior official from the transport department told the leading daily, “We have cleared the proposal and sent it to the state government for final approval. We will train the drivers of the old Victoria horse carriages. By giving licenses to the old carriage riders, we will also be able to rehabilitate them.”