No Diwali bonus for BEST employees

In a circular issued by the BEST Corporation, the transport wing has stated that the people disagreeing with the salary contract between BEST Kamgar Sanghatana and BEST will not receive the benefits of bonus


The issue of BEST employees' unresolved demands has once again re-emerged as the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) has issued a circular stating that the employees failing to comply with the new salary contract between BEST Kamgar Sanghatana and the Corporation will not be receiving Diwali bonus. 

However, the BEST Workers Union has raised an objection with circular, complaining that the circular is inhuman. Therefore, the Workers Union has decided to file a complaint against the circular with the police.

From the beginning, the BEST Workers Union has been non-compliant towards the contract between the Corporation and the Sanghatana. Therefore, none of the employees other than the members of the Kamgar Sena had signed the contract.

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Therefore, it would be interesting to see whether the BEST employees would be receiving the bonus for Diwali.

The proposal for the renewed contract was passed by the BEST Committee in their meeting and was accepted by Shiv Sena-backed BEST Kamgar Sena. In the meanwhile, all the other BEST employees' unions have unified to protest against the new contract.

BEST Corporation has announced a bonus of ₹9,001 for the employees and the circular has been forwarded to all the senior officials. However, the Kamgar Sanghatana has protested against circular stating that the Corporation must not differentiate between its employees and regardless of their stand on the issue of the new contract, every employee must receive the bonus.

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