Meeting between BEST officers and commuters

Meeting between BEST officers and commuters

Mumbai- The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking has organised a meeting with passengers of BEST buses, at Pratiksha Nagar on 29th January.
Best officials had organised this meeting with the passengers to know the issue, because of which the number of passengers of BEST buses are going down. BEST has decided plan and implement a number of measures in terms of growth. Brihanmumbai is trying to know the reason for the decreasing number of passengers by bus. To increase the customers and to bring this practice into implementation BEST had planned to contact passengers and know their problems, and how can the changes be implemented BEST have arranged a meeting with the passengers. This initiative was started from 7 June 2015.

The discussion between the BEST officials and the commuters were as follows

-To increase the number of buses

-The distance between the bus stops

-Bus pass and ticket etc.

BEST officials also discussed many other issues due to which commuters are facing problems and how can those problems be solved. According to the BEST official, Pravin Shinde, Depo Manager, The mentioned issues and suggestions will be solved and the new changes will be implemented.

BESTbus, Pratikshanagar, Brihanmumbai

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