It’s coins for BEST employees when it comes to salary

    It’s coins for BEST employees when it comes to salary
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    We all are aware that how challenged BEST (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking) is when it comes to attending the problems of the common masses. And now this is the case for the remission of the salaries to its employees as well. So much so, that the corporation has to now get loans from the bank just so it could pay the employees their respective salaries. But the story took a twist when BEST on 20 April remitted a portion, of its employees’ salaries i.e. for Rs.500 by way of Rs.10 coins.

    The employees received their salaries for the month of March on 20 April wherein some portion of it was remitted to them through Rs.10 coins.

    As per Jagdish Patil, General Manager of BEST, the corporation has Rs.1.30 crores in the form of coins which has been denied by the banks to be deposited. Which is why they are tendering those coins to its employees in the form of their payment of their salaries.

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