First collect pending bills of Rs 80 cr paid then seek BMC help, BEST told

    First collect pending bills of Rs 80 cr paid then seek BMC help, BEST told
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    Leader of opposition in the BMC, Ravi Raja, severely criticised the BEST administration for demanding financial help from the civic body and asked them to first get pending electricity bills of Rs 80 crore paid from the offices of Union and State government as well as BMC departments.

    The BEST, an undertaking of the BMC, owes pending electricity bills to the tune of Rs 48 crore from Central and State government offices as well as BMC offices. It also owes Rs 10 crore from common people. The higher ups in BEST’s electricity department do not provide their attention to get back pending electricity bills. These officers who get paid in crores of rupees as their salaries are not able to collect pending electricity bills of Rs 80 crore, alleged Ravi Raja.

    The BEST’s electricity division owes Rs 3.12 crore to Central government’s 17 offices; Rs 23.87 crore from State government’s offices; and Rs 11.38 crore from BMC offices as its pending dues for electricity. Even after this, these offices are being supplied electricity. If these government and civic offices fail to pay their electricity bills, their electricity connections should be snapped immediately, demanded Ravi Raja.

    Giving further details about pending electricity bills from offices and common people, Ravi Raja said that the BEST, on one hand, neglects its pending dues but on the other, it demands financial help from the BMC. In such a scenario, why the BMC should help the BEST administration, asked Ravi Raja.

    Pending Electricity Bills
    Central govt offices: 17 cases – Rs 3.12 crore
    State govt offices: 154 cases – Rs 23.87 crore
    BMC offices: 71 cases – Rs 11.38 crore

    Electricity Meters Snapped But Dues Pending
    Central government: 3 cases – Rs 50.35 lakh
    State government: 7 cases – Rs 1.06 crore
    BMC administration: 9 case – Rs 1.18 crore
    Other consumers: 320 cases – Rs 30.84 crore

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