No salaries for BEST staff this Holi

No salaries for BEST staff this Holi
No salaries for BEST staff this Holi
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Mumbai – Even after passing of 10 days of this month, the BEST employees have not received their salaries and now their Holi celebration may be affected. Many people who go to their villages in Konkan to celebrate the festival of Holi have cancelled their plans due to no salaries. The BEST administration has become helpless as no funds have been allocated to the undertaking.

The 40,000 employees of BEST are given their salaries till 10th of every month. They have never experienced their salaries being credit after this date. But due to deteriorating condition of the BEST has affected them badly this time. The undertaking takes overdraft from the bank to pay its employees. The BEST staff did not receive the salary deposit sms from their banks till Friday. Many of them had planned to go to their village on account of three-day holiday on the occasion of Holi. But salary issue put cold water on their plans.

As per the PRO of BEST, the undertaking has no funds to pay employees’ salaries. Though the court has directed it to pay salaries by 15th of the month, it may not happen due to lack of funds.

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