Adaptive traffic signals to be installed in Pune; BJP-NCP join hands for the project again

Adaptive traffic signals to be installed in Pune; BJP-NCP join hands for the project again
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Traffic lights in the city of Pune will soon be made adaptive and the proposal for the same has been submitted by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). The plan will be implemented jointly by PMC’s ruling party, BJP, along with NCP.

As per reports, this the second time when both the parties have come together to approve a project which will benefit the city. Talking about the same, leaders from the parties stated that there was no politics when the projects were being implemented to develop the infrastructure in the city.

Adaptive traffic signals will help the commuters throughout the day, as the same would function as per the traffic on a real time basis, where the timing cycle is adjusted accordingly. Data is collected regularly and the timing is matched based on the vehicular movement and other conditions on the road.

However, the congress has accused NCP of joining hands with BJP once again, as this is the second time, the party was ignored in decision making along with Shiv Sena. Officials have informed that big and important proposals such as this, which involve heavy big budgets, are not consulted with the government at large.

Sharing more information, leader from the NCP Prashant Jagtap stated that guidelines are being followed as per Deputy CM Ajit Pawar’s instructions who has asked the leaders to not oppose proposals which benefit the city and citizens. Despite being in the opposition, the parties will support such decisions. Another leader from the BJP also echoed the same thoughts and informed that no politics is involved during such matters, and this is a tradition which the city has followed for development projects.

On the other hand, a consultant was appointed by the municipal corporation who will work on the 24x7 water project which has been across the 23 merged villages near Pune. As of now, this has been implemented in some old parts of the city and authorities from the civic body have informed that a detailed project will be prepared basis which action will be taken to provide good water supply as planned.

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