Double parking is a menace in Mumbai, with almost every major road, including areas like Churchgate noticing this issue. The Bombay High Court today, addressing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by Tekchand Khanchandani regarding the worsening condition of roads for pedestrians, said that it was unable to do anything to fix this, adding “this malady cannot be cured by the high court.” However, the court is expected to pass an order by Friday.

“We don’t pass orders to regulate traffic and parking. There are thousands and lakhs of people who don’t believe in obeying court orders. We don’t pass orders of disobedience,” Justice Dharmadhikari said. The bench also quipped that the court was unable to stop its advocates from double parking outside the HC premises.

Referring to the government’s legal representative, Poornima Kantharia, Justice Dharmadhikari said: “There is absolutely no improvement. It is a chaotic situation. Every day, your traffic policemen are busy chit-chatting and whiling away time on duty. Or they are sitting in taxis or vehicles and enjoying their hospitality.”

Justice Dharmadhikari reiterated that the citizens will have to take a call on putting a stop to this, adding “If they want to stop a taxi in the middle of the road, what can we do?” 

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