CR dedicates six coaches for women during peak hours

Dedicated coaches have increased the capacity of women commuters from 25 per cent to 42 per cent


The most dreadful part is getting into a fully-packed train that too during peak hours. It is stressful for both men as well as women commuters who have grown in last few years.

To accommodate the growing women commuters, the Central Railway (CR) has decided to dedicate three-coaches for women passengers which will ease up the rush during peak hours. This move has helped CR as women passengers have got four entire trains and 20 services with three dedicated coaches.  

These coaches will be added to three first and second-class ladies coaches. Railways believe that there will be space for more than 1,700 women commuters during peak hours. This has increased the capacity of women commuters from 25 per cent to 42 per cent, reported Mid-Day. 

A senior divisional official told Mid-Day,

Converting an entire train into a ladies special makes no sense, as that will leave one train less for general passengers, and also it will not be patronised that heavily. So what we have done is reserved three compartments only for ladies, which helps us serve the purpose. The pattern of commuters during peak hours has been studied and accordingly, six coaches in two trains have been dedicated to ladies," he added.

For now, the changes will be made to two trains where six coaches will be dedicated to ladies. It was done with the aim to make more space for women commuters during peak hours.

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