Central Railways: Providing Thrust To Digital Booking, Commuters Opt for UTS Mobile Ticketing

Digital UTS mobile ticketing is a way forward for safer, cashless travel.

Central Railways: Providing Thrust To Digital Booking, Commuters Opt for UTS Mobile Ticketing

Post COVID-19, an increasing number of commuters are opting for digital UTS mobile ticketing systems, showing signs of an increasing share of digital ticketing in the near future, says the Central Railways (CR). There has been a constant increase in the purchase of Mumbai Suburban season tickets through the UTS mobile app.

The need for social distancing and decongestion of booking offices has pushed for the adoption of a digital approach to buying railway tickets during the coronavirus pandemic. During the pandemic, the UTS mobile app was re-opened for commuters for purchasing Suburban tickets, and since then there is a constant increase in the number of passengers booking tickets through the UTS mobile app.


Number of Tickets through Mobile App

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May ‘22 (till 26th )



In this month alone up to 26 May 2022, 14.20 lakh tickets have been booked through the mobile app and a total of 78.13 lakh passengers travelled in Mumbai Suburban trains with digital ticketing through UTS mobile app, reflecting a daily average of 54,635 tickets and 3,00,521 passengers each day.

In March 2020, a total of 12,79,095 UTS mobile local train tickets were booked, whereas last month during April 2022, the suburban tickets booked through UTS mobile app were 14,00,060 tickets, showing an increase of 9.45 per cent. The percentage share of buying suburban tickets through the UTS Mobile app during April 2022 is 5.79 per cent over other ticketing types like UTS counter tickets, ATVM, JTBS etc.

The app-based ticketing system is an innovation that will outlast the pandemic and help both the passengers and the Railways in many ways like paperless transactions and initiating a shift towards a more cashless, digital economy etc. Passengers have been increasingly using the new UPI based ticketing facility at all the suburban ATVM Machines. The commercial branch of CR is always at the forefront in initiating several campaigns to popularize the UTS Mobile app. Several drives have been conducted at various stations to educate passengers about the features of the UTS app, the procedure to download it and how to use the same. In addition to this UTS app promotion is also being done by advertising on ticket rolls, animated videos and radio jingles and a central announcement system of the suburban railway system.

The purchase of a suburban ticket through the UTS Mobile app has significantly increased during the last six months of post-COVID-19 as it helps the passengers with the paperless transaction, saves time and is a greener alternative as it promotes the use of gadgets such as smartphones.

UTS Mobile ticketing for Mumbai local train commuters, saving valuable time with no queues – Hassle-Free Ticket Booking, both paperless and print out options available on mobile ticketing will be an experience for the future.

All ATVM machines have been recently enabled with UPI based ticketing payment facility.

How to buy tickets through UTS Mobile App

1. Download UTS on Mobile APP for Android/Windows phones.

2. Register by filling with personal details and mobile no. etc.

3. Get user ID/Password.

4. You can book tickets either through ‘R’ wallet or other wallets like PAYTM or Mobikwik.

5. Recharge ‘R’ wallet through UTS counter, Internet banking, Debit card with minimum recharge amount of Rs.100/-

6. Book platform ticket, normal journey ticket, season ticket etc.

7. For paperless tickets – PDF type file will be sent on your mobile. 

8. If you opt for a paper ticket, you can book a ticket from anywhere at any time, with no need for a GPS signal. Take a printout from ATVM of the journey originating station by entering the mobile number and ID obtained which is received via SMS on your mobile.

9. Through this app, both Journey and Season tickets can be bought and renewal of season tickets is also possible. There is no need for passengers to go to counters to buy tickets. The facility is available on Android Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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