Chalo Delhi! Government approves proposal to increase train speed on Delhi-Mumbai route to 160 kmph

The entire project is expected to be complete at an estimated cost of ₹6,806 crore. It is expected that the work will conclude within four years of approval


In refreshing news for Mumbai-Delhi commuters, the government has given its nod to increase the speed of the Delhi-Mumbai train route along the Delhi-Howrah train route to 160 Kmph by 2022-23. Both the projects will be conducted at a total cost of ₹6,806 crore and ₹6,685 crore respectively. The upgrade is expected to improve speed, service, safety and create capacity for the passengers. 

As part of Mission Raftaar, Indian Railways is striving to improve the average speed of trains across the network. The project will ensure up to a 60 per cent increase in the average speed of passenger trains whereas double the average speed of freight traffic.

The 1,483 km-long Delhi-Mumbai Route passes via seven states: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra.

Meanwhile, the refurbished trains will eliminate the travel time between New Delhi and Mumbai by 3.5 hours and the route will be an entirely overnight journey. Increasing the maximum speed of the Delhi-Mumbai route is expected to provide further impetus to semi-high speed trains.

Accordingly, special Linke Hofmann Busch (LBH) coaches will be developed for the new trains. Alongside, the project consists of fencing, Automatic Train Protection System (ETCS 2/TPWS), Mobile Train Radio Communication, and automated and mechanised diagnostic systems.

The entire project has been structured and completely funded through Extra Budgetary Resources - Institutional Finance (ERB-IF). Therefore, with proper coordination, improved funding, economies of scale, and induction of state of the art technology, the project is stated to be completed in 4 years from the date of approval.

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