Maharashtra ST Corporation advises Karnataka ST Corporation to increase bus ticket prices

Both the State Transport (ST) Corporations run buses on a similar route but the Karnataka ST bus fare prices are cheaper in comparison to the Maharashtra ST buses


The Maharashtra State Transport (ST) buses and Karnataka State Transport (ST) buses often run on similar routes which consist of journeys between Mumbai-Bengaluru, Mumbai-Swargate, Borivali-Pune. However, the two organisations charge differently for these journeys as the Karnataka ST ticket prices are cheaper in comparison to the Maharashtra ST buses. 

Seeing the difference in the prices, the officials have written to the Karnataka ST Corporation and have 'advised' them to increase the fare prices. 

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Due to cheaper tickets being available for a similar route, people have been preferring the Karnataka ST buses while travelling on these routes. For instance, ST bus Shivneri (Maharashtra) charges ₹449 for a Mumbai-Swargate journey whereas Karnataka ST's Airavat charges ₹361 for the same. 

On the other hand, Shivshahi (Maharashtra) charges ₹1,874 for the Mumbai-Bengaluru journey whereas Airavat charges ₹1,260 for the journey. Therefore, seeing a difference in the fare, the Maha State Transport Corporation has asked Karnataka ST to increase the prices of its tickets.

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While both the transport wings provide services that are comfortable and affordable, people have shown an inclination towards Karnataka State Transport Corporation bus service due to the reduced fare prices.   

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