Railways to take action against passengers flouting etiquettes while travelling

As per reports, acts like talking loudly or listening to music on speakers and others can be reported. Railway staff, upon receiving a complaint, can take necessary action.

Railways to take action against passengers flouting etiquettes while travelling

One might have noticed that while traveling in a train, we often find a passenger talking loudly on the phone or listening to music on the speaker. Such incidents like playing loud songs and talking on the phone are often ignored by other passengers to avoid picking a fight or quarreling. 

However, as per the new rules released by the Railways, action can now be taken against such unruly passengers and the decision regarding implementing the same was taken keeping a smooth travel experience in mind. It is being said that the railways has published new rules in which railway employees can hold one responsible for causing inconvenience to other passengers. 

The Ministry of Railways has received complaints regarding the same, whereby many commuters failing to follow social etiquette and hence the officials have clarified that action will be taken against those who repeatedly violate the rules in accordance with the provisions of the Railway Act.

As per the new rules:

  • Passengers will not be allowed to speak loudly on their phones or listen to loud songs on the speakers
  • Ticket inspectors, railway staff will advise passengers to maintain the discipline failing which further action will be taken.
  • All other lights in the train should be turned off after 10 pm except the night light
  • Passengers travelling together will not be allowed to chat until late at night
  • Action will be taken against such passengers if other passengers lodge a complaint.
  • All necessary help should be given by the railway staff to the disabled, single women passengers above 60 years of age.

Railways in a new order has announced that all on-board train staff including ticket inspectors, RPF, catering and coach attendants can enter the coaches and inform the passengers to observe public etiquette. Sharing more details, an official said, "All staff involved in the duty have been instructed to treat passengers with courtesy and to not leave any room for complaint."

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