Meet the smart 'rickshaw wallah'

    Mumbai  -  

    Govandi - How would you like a ride in an auto rickshaw which not just drops you at your destination but also offers free wi-fi, free call service, filtered water and snacks on the house.

    If you happen to be in Govandi, check out Maqbool Ahmed's rickshaw, that defies all the regular notions of the Mumbai auto wallah, who often doesn't even make eye contact before refusing you a ride.  Passengers are, needless to say, thrilled to sit in Ahmed's vehicle. Ahmed himself thinks he is moving with the times, and the government which is urging citizens to innovate and progress.

    Will you now have to change the way you address the rickshawallah. No more, 'Bhaiya chaloge?', it could well be 'Bhaiya bitha lo!'

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