Megablocks on central, harbour and western lines


Mumbai- On 11th December mega blocks are announced on Central , western and harbour lines from 11am to 4pm .The block will be on the central line between Thane and Kalyan down fast , on harbour line between CST and Chunabhatti ,In Mahim on up and down both routes .

The central mega block

Between Thane and Kalyan down fast 10.30am to 3.30 pm

The traffic will be diverted to down slow 9.38am to 2.54 pm
Stops for up fast: Mulund , Bhandup , Vikhroli , Ghatkopar ,Kurla
Down slow locals will be delayed by 20 mins
Up slow locals will be delayed by 10 mins

Harbour line mega block

No traffic between CST and Chunbhatti from 9.52am to 4.39pm
No traffic between CST -Andheri from 10.38 am to 4.13pm
Special train from Kurla to Panvel from platform no 8 (Kurla )

Western line Megablock
Some locals will be canceled on Churchgate- Andheri- Churchgate route
From 11 am to 4pm.