Central Railway services disrupted as motormen protest against overtime, vacant posts

Commuters on Central Railway who left for work in the morning had to face trouble reaching their offices as the trains on the Central Line are running 15 to 20 minutes late. Nine trains have been cancelled on the Central Line.


The railway workers’ union has written to the Central Railway (CR) administration demanding that the 229 vacant posts for motormen be filled immediately.

Due to the differences between the motormen and the railway administration, services on CR were hit on Friday morning as trains were running 15-20 minutes late, while nine trains were cancelled. 

The motormen had threatened to not work overtime, which would result in nearly 250 services either getting delayed or cancelled throughout the day, severely affecting both Main and Harbour lines on Central Railway. 

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As there are a number of vacant posts on the Central Railway, the motormen have claimed to be overworked and are protesting against the same. 

Motorman have to take special care to run the local train safely. In addition to paying attention to the signals, they have to lookout for passengers who cross the railway tracks. Even so, they are treated badly by the Railway Administration. If the signal is missed then they are removed from duty. But due to the vacant posts, the motormen are working under pressure which in turn is affecting their work," Kumar Chandrani, acting chairman, CRM. 

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