Rickshaw and taxi in Mumbai continue to operate on old fare

It has been reported that the drivers are running their vehicles and charging the passengers based on the old fare, despite the hike which was implemented from March 1, 2021.

Rickshaw and taxi in Mumbai continue to operate on old fare

The rickshaw and taxi fare in Mumbai was hiked five days back and despite this, several  drivers are still charging passengers based on the old fare, same as before.

As per reports, there has been a shortage of ‘chips’ required to change the fare in the meter and it has been observed that the drivers in Mumbai are not coming forward to change the meter, due to which, some of them are operating at the old fares many parts of the city. While this is helping the public, many have expressed their confusion about the fare change

Rickshaw-taxi fare hike was implemented in Mumbai from March 1, 2021, and the initial minimum fare was increased by INR 3, due to which, rickshaw fares have gone up from INR 18 to Rs 21 for rickshaws and from INR 22 to Rs 25 for taxis. Furthermore, to strengthen the implementation, drivers across Mumbai have been instructed to make necessary changes in the meter within three months, until which they will be permitted to collect the fare by showing the new tariff. 

However, many have not yet received the tariff card or sheet, and it has been reported that the drivers are not keen to get it from the union either, and are charging the passengers at the same old rate.

According to sources in the RTO, the meter has to be re-calibrated for the new fare, for which, a new chip has to be installed in the meter which will store all the fare-related information. This work has been assigned to some organizations by the Department of Transportation, whereby after receiving the chip from the manufacturer, it will be installed in the meter through these organisations. 

The driver will then have to come to the RTO and pass the rickshaw, but further process is being hampered due to lack of chip. The meter will be recalibrated according to the last number of the vehicle, and the dates have been given by the RTO, basis which  the meter of rickshaws and taxis will have to change between 1st and 14th March. 

Changes are expected by May 10, 2021, and it is learned that even after five days of March, not a single rickshaw or taxi has come for passing in RTO.

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