ST plans to recruit more drivers despite employee protests

ST plans to recruit more drivers despite employee protests

Employees working for the Maharashtra State Transport (ST) corporation recently called for a protest seeking their pending demands to be fulfilled. As per reports, ST workers have been on strike for the last several days, however, now the ST Corporation has taken action against these ST employees. It is being said that several of them are being suspended. 

Moreover, now the ST Corporation has taken a big decision stating that the purpose is to provide ST services to the passengers, and to ensure this is provided, the corporation has decided to begin hiring 750 private drivers on an immediate basis. Apart from this, the corporation has continued its action against the employees who did not show up for work and insisted on continuing strike. 

Shekhar Channe, Managing Director, ST Corporation, also shared the figures with the media. He also warned the workers  that they will not be able to re-employ the workers if they continue to participate in the strike. "If ST employees return to work, no action will be taken against them. 750 private drivers are being hired on contract basis,” said Shekhar Channe.

Sharing more information about the action taken against ST workers, he said, "When the strike started, there were 92,000 employees on board, post which, the service of 2000 salaried employees ended. As of January 13, 2022, a total of 3,100 employees have resigned. Generally, due to strikes and other reasons, we had to terminate the services of 5,000 employees. Approximately 87,000  employees are currently on board of which 26,500 employees are now employed."

ST has a set process to get employees back to work and warnings have been given to ensure they are not terminated from work. Notices have been given to the employees failing which action is taken against them, however, ST has ensured that the employees  do not suffer the same. 

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