Will we see the end of Double-decker buses by 2023?

Double-decker buses will be off the road in two phases i.e. 72 buses will be off the road by December 2020 and remaining 48 buses will be off by October 2023


Mumbai’s iconic double-decker buses will go off the roads from October 2023 due to high operating costs and narrow city roads. The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) said that maintaining the massive vehicles was a challenge as it costs them more compared to the normal buses.

After its launch in 1937, these buses gained popularity and was hit among commuters and tourists. Between 1947-1948, there were 141 such buses and it grew to 882 in 1993. Currently, there are only 120 double-decker buses in a fleet of 3,337, operating on just seven routes in the city.

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One of the officials said that these buses require high maintenance as compared to normal BEST buses and this makes it difficult for the staff. He added that plying such buses on congested roads becomes tedious.

The management has decided to phase out buses in two phases. By December 2020, 72 buses will be off-the-road and remaining 48 buses will be off by October 2023.