Central Railway to get its own AC local train

Of 12 Air-Conditioned local trains, six will come to Central Railway with features suggested by Mumbai commuters


Finally, after a long wait, commuters traveling on the Central Railway (CR) line will get to commute in the new Air Conditioned (AC) local train by March end.

One of the CR officials said six of the 12 air-conditioned trains made by BHEL Electronics will now come to Central Railway. As per details, the first train went to Western Railway, but the next two trains will now come to Central Railway. The fourth, fifth and sixth trains will go to WR, the next two will be given to CR, the ninth and tenth to WR, and again the eleventh and twelfth will go to CR, he further added.

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The new AC local train will come with several features as suggested by Mumbai commuters in their feedback from the first train, including wider gangways for more people to walk and stand comfortably in the crowd, improved luggage racks and much more.