Mumbai-Pune rail service might be functional by this weekend

The Mumbai-Pune route has been non-functional since August 3 and on the other hand, Central Railways suffered a loss of ₹35 crore

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The rail services in Mumbai and neighbouring areas have been adversely affected due to heavy rainfall last week. One of the routes hit by the rains is the southeast network via Karjat which is often used by long-distance trains. Accordingly, the passengers have been unable to commute between Mumbai and Pune.

The train service between Mumbai-Pune has been non-functional since August 3, with Central Railways bearing a loss of ₹35 crore reportedly. While it was expected that the train service would be restored within two-three days, the repair work of the route will remain affected for a few more days.

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The delay has been caused due to the extent of route damage, thus preventing speedy restoration on the Mumbai-Pune and beyond route.

The extent of damage on the middle line and the Pune-bound down line is enormous. Senior officials will visit the site on Thursday. We will try to restore the middle line first, in a couple of days," a senior CR official told TOI.

Accordingly, officials will take a call on Thursday on whether the Up line can be used for both Up and Down services.

Till now, more than 370 long-distance trains, excluding 44 passenger trains, have been cancelled after boulders, set loose by rain-soaked soft soil, rolled downhill, crashing on the tracks between Thakurwadi and Monkey Hill on August 3.  

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